Carpet Cleaners in Ashburn VA

Carpets are among the essential items that add to the aesthetics of a space. They come in different materials, most of which can catch dirt or dust, making them dirty and losing their elegance. A clean carpet is safe and hygienic and improves the air quality in your space. When your carpet is clean and well-maintained, it will indeed serve you longer.

Carpet cleaning by Cardinal Cleaning Solutions entails cleaning a carpet to remove stains, foul odors, and dirt. We do so by using hot water extraction, vacuuming, carpet detergents, sanitizing, and dry cleaning. Get in touch with our professional cleaning service today, and we will gladly work to return your carpet’s shine and glamor.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Services

Let our professional and experienced carpet cleaners do the work for you. We will offer professional and affordable services to maintain your carpet aesthetics–good smell, clean and new appearance. These are some of the carpet services we offer.:

  • Moving furniture
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pet urine removal
  • Grout and tile cleaning
  • Move-in, move-out cleaning services

Our customers report full satisfaction with our carpet cleaning services, and we pride ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning involves the process of cleaning the fabric that holds your furniture. The cleaning process entails working deep into crevices, folds, and creases on upholstered services to remove all the dirt and dust.

Upholstery cleaning involves seven steps as follows:
Pre-Inspection. Involves inspecting the fabric to determine its type and the best way to clean it.

Testing of the fabric’s colorfastness -Testing the fabric dye enables you to know the correct procedure to apply in cleaning the fabric.
Application of a Pre – Conditioner- A pre-conditioner is applied to loosen the dirt on the fabric to make it easier to clean.

Soil Extraction-The suspended dirt is extracted, and the fabric is cleaned thoroughly. The stubborn stains are removed with an appropriate spot remover.

Fabric protector – After cleaning, you can apply a fabric protector that resists stains, spots, and spells. The protector makes the fabric look neat and well-maintained.

Fabric Drying – Once the fabric is clean, powerful air movers are used to make carpet dry quicker.
Final Inspection – After all the cleaning and drying, the final inspection is done to ensure the best results are achieved.

Pet Urine Removal

Pet urine can be smelly and irritant. Sometimes the smell can linger for several days after cleaning the surface. How can you get rid of the irritating smell from the pets? The best way to deal with pet urine is to use pet pee removal detergents that clean and neutralize the odor.

We offer the best pet urine cleaning solutions. Our team of professional carpet cleaners will inspect your carpet for urine stains and odors and use the appropriate pet pee removal detergents to take care of the menace. Our natural enzymatic cleaners break up urine molecules and clear bad smells.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are common questions people ask us about carpet cleaning:

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

Yes. Professional carpet cleaners can remove pet odors from your carpet. Urine smell can be so smelly, and the smell can take time to go away.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming generally maintain the carpet keeping it in good condition. Sometimes, vacuuming and cleaning may fail to work, especially when dealing with stinky pet urine.

Professional carpet cleaning can eliminate the stench and leave your carpet clean. They have the necessary tools and skills to deal with irritant odors on your carpet. In addition, they thoroughly clean it removing dirt, dust, and any other debris.

Hiring an expert to clean your carpet will ensure your carpet is clean and well-maintained. It’s costly to keep changing carpets each time they get dirty. Hire a professional to clean it because it is more economical.

Professional pet cleaners have the ability and the appropriate tools to remove bad smells and stubborn stains. In addition, they have experience and the correct techniques to use in various types of carpets.

What do professionals use to clean upholstery?

Over time couches, carpets, cushions, etc., lose the glamour they once had because of dirt, stains, and dust. Professionals can get your upholstery cleaned and return its glory by using the correct tools to clean them.

The first thing is to identify the type of upholstery. This will help determine the mode of cleaning. There are two main types of cleaning we do; steam cleaning and deep cleaning.

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, involves using hot water to remove germs from the upholstery. Wool, polyester, and cotton upholstery are cleaned by hot water extraction.

With deep cleaning, we use hot water extraction and special additives for thorough cleaning and removing stubborn stains.
How often should you clean your carpet?

How often you clean your carpet will depend on many factors; for example, where children and pets live, the carpet is likely to get dirty more often.

As a general rule, you should clean your carpet at least once a year. This will ensure the carpet is clean and well-maintained.
Other factors to consider in deciding how often you should wash your carpet include:

  • How many people use the house
  • Whether there are smokers in the house
  • Do you wear shoes in the house?
  • Are there allergic members in your family?

In the situations described above, vacuuming the carpet two to three times a week is necessary to maintain hygiene in the house. Homes with many people, however, may require daily vacuuming for proper carpet maintenance. Just contact us when you need help!

Carpet Cleaners

Need Carpet Cleaning in Ashburn, VA?

Carpets need regular cleaning and maintenance for proper hygiene. You need an expert to ensure your carpet is properly cleaned and maintained. Get in touch with certified and professional carpet cleaners today to get started. Call us at (703) 368-5668 or contact us online. Our dedicated team is on the ground 24/7, offering you all the required services to keep your carpet an admiration by many.